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Charitable Giving

Give a gift to change a life

Are you looking for gifts that bring back the true spirit of giving? The Elephant Thoughts Charitable Giving program enables you to give unique gifts that will change lives and directly help break the cycle of poverty.

Learn more about the Charitable Giving program and its administration.

Choose from specific projects in Syria India , Tanzania , First Nations/Inuit Communities, or In Our Own Backyard, or Give Where Needed Most to direct the funds to the projects that are most in need of your help.

With each gift you purchase you will have the option to select your donation package delivery method: emailed to you, mailed to you, or mailed directly to the gift receipient(s)! You will also receive an email with your charitable gift receipt (for donations greater than $25). Mailed donation packages for gift options greater than $75 include a photo enclosed in a PooPooPaper frame (made from real elephant poo!) and a donation certificate. Donation packages for gift options under $75 include a photo in a PooPooPaper card and a donation certificate.

Now that’s easy gift giving!

About Charitable Giving

Why choose Elephant Thoughts Charitable Giving?

  1. The international projects to be supported by the donation gift program are created and implemented by Elephant Thoughts staff. Our staff visit Tanzania and India, determine where the most need is, and develop a plan and budget to meet this need. We have a close hand in how donation dollars are spent, and we are able to see the project through from start to finish.
  2. Elephant Thoughts spends a large amount of our resources working in remote areas of Canada and are very experienced in delivering First Nations and Inuit programs. We have delivered programming on over 150 reserves across the country and have a very successful track record that has made us a leader in First Nations and Inuit education.
  3. Because of our business model, we can guarantee that 100% of donations go to the intended projects or programs, and nothing is used for administrative costs. All administration, currency exchange and other costs are paid by us. Our admin costs are covered through ventures like special events and the Elephant Thoughts Explore Store.

What if the donations for a specific project exceed the need?

There is a lot of need! However, in the event that donations for a particular project exceed the need, the donations will be applied to another Elephant Thoughts project in the same region. None of the money will go to administrative costs - it will all be directed to development projects. In the case of child sponsorship, we are always able to take more children into the program, as the need is endless.